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Thank you for sharing your experiences with Holistic Health Care Centers.  We value you and your health.  We know your health is the vital foundation of your life.  We thank you for allowing us to help you in your process of healing and well-being!

Acupuncture Formally Recognized as an Effective Treatment Method

Scientific research supports the use of acupuncture. In 2003, The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized acupuncture as an effective treatment for many diseases, symptoms, and conditions. Read more.


Acupuncture and Energy Medicine Eliminate Patient's Sciatica Pain 


As noted in Dr. Leupold's biography, she is very experienced in pain management. Before she joined us, one of her patients agreed to be interviewed regarding his complete elimination of sciatica pain. Prior to his acupuncture and Healing Touch treatments, he often missed work and was basically bedridden due to the pain. After only two treatments, his sciatica pain was completely gone. He received his treatments over six years ago. He is still completely pain and symptom free from sciatica.

Patient shares her experience receiving acupuncture for osteoarthritis pain relief.

Acupuncture Eliminates Shoulder Pain


I am in my 60's and have a very active lifestyle.  I first saw Dr. Kimberly as a result of shoulder pain. I play softball regularly in the Spring, but was having trouble being on the team this year due to significant shoulder pain.  After one acupuncture and tui na treatment from Dr. Kimberly, my shoulder pain disappeared. I also noticed an increase in energy after the treatment.  The energy lasted for quite a while. I was so impressed by the treatment results, I continue to see Dr. Kimberly a couple times a month just to support my active lifestyle.



Emotions Are Connected


I knew acupuncture from Dr. Kimberly helped some of my health issues and injuries, but I didn't realize it was also helping my emotions. Dr. Kimberly always tells me everything is connected, but I didn't really understand how or why. Then, one day I has having a treatment for shoulder pain and she explained she thought it was based on an emotional cause. I told her I had injured my shoulder and it had nothing to do with my emotions. As soon as she put an acupuncture needle into my foot I burst into tears. Some things from my past that had haunted me for years suddenly came into my thoughts.


After the treatment, many things changed. My shoulder felt much better, headaches I was experiencing disappeared, and emotionally I felt different. I suddenly felt able to deal with and let go of some deep emotional pain that I had been living with for years. I guess things really are all connected.



Fevers Gone


Dr. Kimberly has treated my young son many times.  At many appointments, he had high fevers, earaches, and irritability.  Somehow Dr. Kimberly managed to relax my son enough to treat him.  After every appointment, my son improved considerably.  I remember I took my son to her with a 104+ fever.  I was very worried. Dr.  Kimberly used massage, tui na I think and colored lights on him.  The whole appointment took less than 20 min.  By the time we arrived home, his fever had broke and he was hungry and thirsty.  The fever broke in less than 15 minutes after Dr. Kimberly treated him. After that, I began taking my whole family to Holistic Health Care Centers! 



During patient's first acupuncture treatment for pre-patella bursitis 5/28/13

Current Case Study

Do you know that acupuncture is a productive treatment for pre-patella bursitis (knee bursitis)? According (click here for link to article)  “Acupuncture decreases bursitis inflammation.”



Pre-Patella Bursitis Case Study. Please refer to the pictures on the left hand side.

After the patient's first acupuncture treatment. Before his second treatment. 5/30/13

62 year old male came to Holistic Health Care Centers, LLC seeking treatment for pre-patella bursitis due to an injury. The patient has a very active and busy lifestyle and travels for work weekly. The patient spends much of his day standing or sitting with his leg down. The patient received one acupuncture treatment on 5/28/13. The patient reported a remarkable decrease in discomfort and swelling. The patient returned for a treatment 5/30/13. Due to the patient's hectic travel schedule, he only had time for a short acupressure treatment on 5/30/13. On the left hand side are pictures showing the difference of swelling after only one acupuncture treatment between 5/28/13 and 5/30/13. The only treatment intervention this patient has received was a treatment from Holistic health Care Centers, LLC. The patient continues to receive treatments at Holistic health Care Centers, LLC based upon his travel schedule availability. Please return here for updates to this case study. Thank you.

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Holistic Health Care Centers, LLC BBB Business Review

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