Presentations and videos by           Dr. Kimberly Leupold

Dr. Kimberly Leupold teaches quick and easy breathing relaxation techniques that can be done in about 5 minutes almost anywhere. This form incorporates qi qong style breathing techniques and visualizations. This exercise an help reduce stress and anxiety.

Dr. Kimberly Leupold discusses natural supplements and herbal products that can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. These products do not have any sedatives. Many are food based. Definitely consult with Dr. Kimberly or your health care provider before trying any of these products, especially if you have other health conditions.

Beat Back to School Exhaustionwith Acupressure!

Plus, learn ways to help boost your immune system!

****If you're pregnant, only use acupressure point Stomach 36 from this video****

Release the Beast! Healthy Ways to Process Anger

Everyone gets angry. Understand what rage is called in Chinese Medicine and how can it be healthy from Dr. Kimberly Leupold, DACM, L.Ac., Dilp. Acu.

Dr. Kimbely Leupold teaches an easy auricular (ear) acupressure point that quickly reduces the feeling of stress.

Kimberly Leupold presented at the 2014 Healing Touch World Wide Conference, August 2014. Kimberly presented "How to Teach a Child to Bloom Through Holistic Therapies". This presentation was about holistic pediatric health care. Above is a video of a short segment from her presentation. 

Quick and easy techniques to help reduce your stress and boost your energy in 5-10 minutes!

Watch the two part video of "Weight Management and Loss with Holistic Support"


Part 1 by Kimberly Leupold BPS, MSOM, L.Ac., HTPA 

Part 2 by Kimberly Leupold BPS, MSOM, L.Ac., HTPA 

Watch Holistic Health Care for Women and Children, by HHCC's practitioner, Kimberly Leupold, BPS, MSOM, L.Ac., HTPA. Kimberly discussed many forms of holistic care for common health issues, and specific care regarding women and children. 

An example of using color acupressure on a pediatric patient. 

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Holistic Health Care Centers, LLC BBB Business Review

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