Thoughts of Inspiration                                            Dr. Kimberly Leupold

Nature Heals

Sometimes you just have to handle the storm

and trust

that it's making a rainbow. ~K.L.

It's not about where you go,

it's about how you walk your path. ~K.L.

Enjoy the many seasons of your life!

Cherish every moment.

Expect good. 

For what you believe you receive.

Our gifts are often found in our uniqueness.

Discover your heart's desires and make sure that is the path you are traveling.

The energy of life is always in motion.

It's up to you to move in the direction you most desire. ~K.L. 



I am grateful to be experiencing all I desire. 

I feel it joyfully and powerfully flowing into my life. ~K.L.


Today is a new page.

Write the best story of your life!


Sometimes it's the biggest waves that push away the heaviest stones; clearing a new path.

Find the answers of your soul in the quiescence of nature.


If you feel like giving up, don't

Many times the miracles are just around the corner.

Living from a place of:

Being attached to nothing and open to everything

allows life to bring many unexpected gifts and opportunities. 

Sometimes these gifts have been in front of you all along, but the perceptions you hold prevent you from seeing and accepting them. 


You're the artist of your life, paint it beautiful! 


Gratitude: make a point to feel it. Don't expect it to find you, first. 


Be the balance.

Cultivate your mind, release attachments, find your center, and allow your true self to shine through all circumstances!

The universe is made up of yin and yang.

It’s finding the balance in the center that cultivates peace.



Gratitude and Patience.

To have one but not the other inhibits growth.

To have both founded in love creates an extraordinary life that touches many. 

Pause for a moment, breathe, & embrace life's beauty.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is leave the past behind in order to step into today.

Determination knows failure but uses it to fuel the dream.


"If you always do what you've always done, you'll never get more than what you've already got."

"Passion is but a prelude to years of gradual unfolding."~ Deng Ming Dao





Sometimes sitting in the stillness is when the most movement happens.


“We make life real by the thoughts we project.” ~Deng Ming-Dao

Dun dadda dun dadda dun da-da-da-da-da

Dun dadda dun dadda dun da-da-da-da-da

Go Hawks Go!!! 

A Goal is a Dream....

in Action!

Time moves on, memories fade, are you making the most of each moment? Are you fully living or waiting until tomorrow to live the life you desire today?

Forever Grateful! 
Happy and safe Memorial Day!

Allow your inner flame to shine brightly today! 

Our words are silent and our hearts are still as we send love to those mourning at this time.

There is no such thing as trying; there is doing or not doing. Don't agree? Go ahead and "try" to take a step forward right now? Did you move? No, because to "try" allows fears and perceptions to inhibit you preventing change and growth. Instead of trying, considering believing strongly in yourself and your value and do it; make the changes you desire!

Happiness is my homepage. 

If you wait for your surroundings and circumstances to be calm, you may never feel peaceful. First, you need to go within, find your center, and create the calm. Once you are calm from within, you will see your circumstances more clearly. 

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