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Are you ready to take charge of your health and well-being and improve your life? If you answered yes, Holistic Health Care Centers, LLC is the place for you. See how Holistic Health Care Centers, LLC and our experienced CAM Practitioners can help you in your healing and wellness.

Our mission is to make sure you feel your best and stay that way by providing you compassionate, holistic, and research-driven care. Additionally, we aim to offer affordable holistic health care to everyone.

Holistic Health Care Centers, LLC

offers a wide range of treatment options for your health and wellness needs. Learn more about our specialized approach, dedicated practitioners, and the benefits of turning to Holistic Health Care Centers, LLC in Lisle, IL for your health and wellness needs. Find out how we can put you on a healthy track for life.

Acupuncture Formally Recognized as an Effective Treatment Method

Scientific research supports the use of acupuncture. In 2002, The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized acupuncture as an effective treatment for many diseases, symptoms, and conditions.

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Watch Holistic Health Care for Women and Children, 

by HHCC's practitioner, 

Kimberly Leupold-Nemeth, BPS, MSOM, Dipl. Ac., L.Ac., HTPA.

Kimberly discussed many forms of holistic care for common health issues, and specific care regarding women and children. 

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