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While Holistic Health Care Centers in Lisle, IL, knows holistic health care can begin at any age, we believe that the best time is from the beginning. By raising a child with a holistic lifestyle, you are offering them exceptional health care that is minimally invasive. You are helping them learn from the start how to make healthy choices and understand they have a major role in their own health and wellness.




Pediatric Acupuncture, Auricular (ear) Acupuncture, Colorpuncture, Cupping and Chiropractic Adjustments are beneficial for children of all ages!


Different from many conventional medicine models, Holistic Health Care Center's pediatric care model integrates parent and patient control into the child’s health care plan as much as possible.  We understand that by teaching you and your child, instead of just dictating a care plan, your family can feel empowered. We know this is crucial to your child’s wellness. Our goal is to aid and support your child’s health and wellness while teaching them to make healthy choices for themselves. We believe this will help them stay on the healthy track of life, for now and many years to come!


Kids Share Their Perspectives on Treatments at Holistic Health Care Centers

Pediatric Research

"Given the promising trends in the current research, the relative willingness of families to engage in acupuncture and the low risk of deleterious side effects, acupuncture may serve to harmonize Traditional Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine as a means of promoting preventive care and symptom management for children" (Gold, et al. 49).


"In contrast to conventional thought that children are afraid of needles, studies suggest that most children tolerate acupuncture therapies well and view acupuncture as a positive experience. However, as some children may still be wary of acupuncture treatment, many pediatric acupuncturists use gentle or non-invasive treatments such as low-level electrical stimulation, magnets, press balls, indirect moxabustion and warming skin salve to stimulate acupuncture points without penetrating the skin"(Gold, et al. 48).


Click here to read the entire article, "Pediatric Acupuncture: A Review of Clinical Research" by Gold, at el., published in Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2009 December; 6(4): 429–439.

This linked abstract, "Communicating with Children in Health Care Settings"  helps highlight why good communication with pediatric patients is crucial in health care settings. 

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