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Upcoming Events

Spend the evening learning from our highly trained professionals. We will offer live demonstrations, FREE product samples, and a $10 gift card to the first 50 attendees. Reserve your ticket TODAY! Space is limited!


Listen to the following workshops and you may even receive a complimentary mini treatment! 


"Weight loss made EASY!"

With all the diets and fads out there, how do you know what weight-loss plan is best for you? Listen as Kimberly dives into weight-loss research, weight-loss treatments, and why weight-loss options need to be individualized to each and every patient. Why it should never be a one-size-fits-all approach. Also, receive a free sample! 

Workshop presented by Kimberly Leupold-Nemeth, BPS, MSOM, Dipl. Ac., L.Ac., HTPA.

Owner, Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist, CAM Practitioner, Herbalist.


"What is Tuning Fork Therapy?"

Learn about tuning fork therapy, what it is, what it can do, and why it might be a healthy choice for you!

Workshop presented by Paul Moncek, CBS, CTF, our Certified Biofeedback Specialist and Certified Tuning Fork Therapist.


"Do you have SMRT massages?"

Do you have pain that just won't go away? Do you have specific areas that cause you pain in your neck, shoulders, back, knees, or elbows? If so, you definitely want to attend this workshop! Paola will explain the SMRT technique, how it is different than other forms of massage, and why it may be the best treatment option for you!

Workshop presented by Paola Cruichshank, LMT, our Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified SMNT Technique Massage Therapist.


Ryley's Rainbow, affiliated with Acupuncturist Without Borders (non-profit) offers elements of healing to children moving through trauma, experiencing special needs or severe long-term illness. We also offer treatments to their immediate family members. We understand that when a child is having a difficult time, it impacts the whole family. 

Ryley's Rainbow clinic began seeing patients on October 14, 2017. Our practitioners volunteer holistic treatments to support and help promote healing the effects of childhood trauma and aid in long term conditions. 


Where: Holistic Health Care Centers

           3033 Ogden Ave.

           Suite 302

           Lisle, IL 6532


When: Every Month on the Second and Forth Saturday


Holistic Health Care Centers also offers the general public a community clinic including acupuncture, colorpuncture, aromatherapy, massage, and other holistic treatments. The community clinic is held on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (excluding government holidays). Treatments are $35 a person. 

$5 of every treatment is donated to Ryley's Rainbow.


You can learn more about Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB), the help they offer, and how to support AWB through this link. 


Previous Events

We want to thank our current patients and invite new patients by giving you a Complimentary Care Day!!! If you have been a loyal Holistic Health Care Center's (HHCC) patient, or are new and interested in experiencing what a treatment feels like at HHCC, be a part of this family friendly event! 


When:   February 18, 2018

Time:    2pm-6pm

Where: Holistic Health Care Centers

             3033 Ogden Ave.

             Suite 302

             Lisle, IL 60532


What happens at a HHCC Complimentary Care Day?

Attendees will have the opportunity to receive modified treatments completely complimentary. If you choose, we will accept donations to Ryley's Rainbow. 100% of the proceeds goes to supporting the clinic and helping Ryley's Rainbow patients. 


This is a family friendly event. We offer a variety of treatments allowing care for all ages. Additionally, we have plenty of toys in our pediatric play area. Our administrative assistance will also be helping children with crafts allowing the adults to receive a relaxing treatment. 


In addition to treatments, we will offer appetizers, a raffle, and short presentations at the start of every hour throughout the event. 


FREE Treatments offered during HHCC's Complimentary Care Day:

  • Massage
  • Auricular Acupuncture
  • Korean Hand Therapy
  • Full Body Acupuncture
  • Cupping
  • Biofeedback
  • Healing Touch (energy therapy)
  • Colorpuncture


Each treatment will range between 15-30 minutes. Treatments will be offered in a variety of private rooms and community space. Availability is limited. Register here for tickets or call today to reserve your treatment!


Be sure to join us on Thursday, November 9th for our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at our new location

Holistic Health Care Centers

3033 Ogden Ave.

Suite 302

Lisle, IL 60532


The ceremony will be hosted by the Lisle Chamber. Even Mayor Christopher Pecak will likely attend the event!


We will have refreshments, cake, give aways, and more!


Join the upcomng workshop:

Unleash Your Ultimate Self! Master Your Mind. Master Your Results. by Mary Vivian

Date and Time: August 8th from 7pm-8pm.

Cost: Complimentary!!!


Discover the Power of YOUR Mind and Become the Master of YOUR Results!

If you've ever asked yourself the following then this is for you:

- “I want more out of life, but don’t know what to do.”
- “I have goals, but they seem so far away.”
- “I have a lot of good ideas, but never follow through with them.”
- “I feel like I was meant for more,"
- "There HAS to be more then this!"
- “I’m stuck.”
- "I just know I want more.”
- “I struggle to stay focused and constantly procrastinate.”


- Anyone - Any Age
- Any profession
- Any type of business
- Anyone looking to make a career change or start own business
- Anyone wanting to improve their performance, relationships, or income
- Or...Anyone who wants more overall happiness

All attendees will receive a FREE e-book copy of Bob Proctor's
International best seller "You Were Born Rich".

*“You become what you think about, all day long”*

Ralph Waldo Emerson

*“A belief is just a thought you keep thinking”*

Abraham Hicks

Attendees enjoyed another fun and informative complimentary health screening. In addition to receiving a holistic health screening, they listened to presentations and enjoyed refreshments.

We had fun being a part of the 2016 JJC Benefits Fair.

Looking forward to the next one!

 Aromatherapy Classes by Ania Markiewicz 


Join us every month to learn how to balance your body systems with Young Living (YL) essential oils and their products. Young Living is the world leader in essential oils due to their seed to seal promise. We are excited to teach about the wonderful benefits of YL essential oils. For a limited time, these classes will be offered complimentary.

All classes begin at 6:30pm, feel free to bring friends


2016 Class Dates

Call for details for our upcoming classes.

February 26th- Introduction to Essential Oils


2015 Class Dates

October 16th- Introduction to essential oils

November 6th –Live in a chemically free environment, get rid of toxins from your house. 

November 20h- Enjoying a healthy Digestive System

January 8th – YL FIT, get back into shape and properly support your body

January 22nd – Introduction to essential oils

February 5th - Emotions and Young Livings Feelings kit

March 11th– Living with and amazing cardiovascular system

April8th- Hormones- how to balance them out

May13th – musculoskeletal system, supporting your joints and muscles   

Another year has passed since opening Holistic Health Care Centers in Lisle. We would like to celebrate this special occasion with you!

Attend our Anniversary Celebration on July 18th from 9:30am-1:30pm.

We will have refreshments, raffles, and a presentation!

Presentation "Holistic Treatment Options for Children"

by Kimberly Leupold-Nemeth, BPS, MSOM, La.C., HTPA.

Join us for an hour to learn about healthy ways to improve your well-being and lifestyle. We will discuss ways to detox your body, improve your energy and metabolism, and products from Isagenix.

Date: June 24th

Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm

Locations: Holistic Health Care Centers in Lisle

Kimberly is excited to return to Holistic Health Care Centers!

Call today to schedule your appointment, (847) 571-5455 

Holistic Health Care Centers (HHCC) loves to celebrate gratitude! We’re especially grateful for you! We are celebrating our current and prospective patients with a Thanksgiving Open House! 
Additionally, we’re taking this time as an opportunity for you to get to know our practitioners: 

Kimberly Leupold, BPS, MSOM, L.Ac., HTPA
Penny Leupold RN, MS, CHTP, HTCP
Ania Mariewicz LMT


At 2:30, Ania will be offering a complimentary presentation:
“Muscle Testing; What it Teaches You about Food and Supplements.”


Come join HHCC for fun, food, drinks, raffles, and coupons!!!

Visit our facebook event page to post about the event or let us know you're attending!

Kimberly Leupold spoke at the 2014 Healing Touch World Wide Conference, August 2014. Kimberly presented "How to Teach a Child to Bloom Through Holistic Therapies". This presentation was about holistic pediatric health care. Above is a video of a short segment from her presentation. Please contact Kimberly at or call (847)571-5455 to learn more about her holistic health care treatments. 

Memorial Day 2014

We hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We hope you made time to honor our military and remember the veterans who gave so much for us! HHCC spent the day at the Lisle parade and picnic. HHCC holds utmost respect for our military. All military patients receive discounts at every appointment. Click here to learn more.

Holistic Health Care Centers is incredibly excited to have participated in the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast! It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning while helping many families and children. Holistic Health Care Centers was a sponsor of the event. 


Would you love to get involved with Kiwanis?  Email Christopher G Fry at


Click here to learn more.  

Previous Events

We had a wonderful Open House event. We appreciated so many attendees coming despite the weather. We hope you enjoyed the event and presentations. Pictures and videos of the event are posted below.

Enjoy a slide show and watch videos from





Holistic Health Care Centers (HHCC) welcomed 2014 with a toast at the New Year's Open House Celebration! Many people joined the celebration.

Presentation: "Aromatherapy" by Penny Leupold RN, MS, CHTP, HTCP

Watch the two part video of "Weight Management and Loss with Holistic Support"


Part 1 by Kimberly Leupold BPS, MSOM, L.Ac., HTPA 

Part 2 by Kimberly Leupold BPS, MSOM, L.Ac., HTPA 

"Holistic Care for Veterans" by Dia Pfleger MSAOM, CNC

Presentation Holistic Health Care for Women and Children, at Women in Business Meeting


On September 10th, HHCC's practitioner, Kimberly Leupold, BPS, MSOM, L.Ac., HTPA, presented, Holistic Health Care for Women and Children, at Lisle's Women in Business (WIB) meeting. Kimberly discussed many forms of holistic care for common health issues, and specific care regarding women and children. 

We enjoyed seeing many trick-or-treaters this past Saturday, 10/26!

Thank you for dressing up and coming to Holistic Health Care Centers!

We were very glad to be a part of the 2013 Holistic Expo: Expanding Your Level of Consciousness. It was lovely being able to spend the weekend outside and enjoy the interaction of so many people. Thank you to the many visitors at our booth at the expo.

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who attended our open house; whether in person or in spirit. You helped make it a fun day and total success! We really appreciate all the support and interest in Holistic Health Care Centers!

Holistic Health Care Centers (HHCC) is extremely thankful for such a large attendance at our Ribbon Cutting July 11th. Your support made it very special! We celebrated with several new people and with those of you who have been helping HHCC since it was just a dream being created. We appreciate all the calls, texts, emails, and warm wishes from those of you who were not able to attend. We will share the Ribbon Cutting pictures and video next week. Thank you again! We deeply appreciate your interest and support in HHCC!! 



Save A Vet Fundraiser

THANK YOU very much for all the help and hard work from our many volunteers!!! Your help made Holistic Health Care Centers' sponsorship of Save A Vet a success! Together, with help from Healer Warrior Program, we administered many free treatments to veterans. This was a wonderful and humbling experience treating those who have served our country and informing everyone about holistic care. HHCC greatly appreciates all you did!

Thank you: Kelly Rogers, Kacy Rogers, Penny Leupold, Al Leupold, Emily Lipp, Dia Pfleger, Frank Yurasek, Jim Dolan, Linyana Gipson, Jacob Suh, Diane Henzien, Charrisse Burt, Michelle Parks!

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