Ryley's Rainbow affiliated with Acupuncturists Without Borders, non-profit

Ryley's Rainbow offers elements of healing to children and their
families moving through trauma. We also volunteer treatments to children
and their families experiencing special needs, chronic physical or
mental illness, or emotional disorders. Our practitioners volunteer
holistic treatments to help promote healing the effects of childhood
trauma and aid in long term conditions. Ryley's Rainbow also raises
funds to help these families pay for needs of their children.

Beginning 10/14/2017, Ryley's Rainbow will offer a free volunteer
clinic the second and forth Saturday of every month to children and
their families who have experienced trauma, or are experiencing special
needs, chronic physical or mental illness, or emotional disorders. The
clinic will be held at Holistic Health Care Centers from 3:30pm-6pm.

Beginning on 11/4/17, Holistic Health Care Centers will offer the
general public a community clinic including acupuncture, colorpuncture,
aromatherapy, massage, and other holistic treatments. The community
clinic will be held from 3:30pm-6pm. Treatments will be $35 a person. 

$5 of every treatment will be donated to Ryley's Rainbow.


You can learn more about Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB), the help they offer, and how to support AWB through this link. 

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