Herbal Medicine and Supplements

Watch the videos below to learn more about herbal medicine. Also, read the chart below for examples of herbal medicine.



An example of Herbal Medicine

Here is an example of common conditions and the conventional medicines that are perscribed compared to Chinese herbal medicine.


Common Conditions and Conventional Medicine Rx

Chinese Herbal Formulas

Crohn’s Disease-> Main symptoms: pain, diarrhea, nausea-> Common Rx: Pentasa-> main side effects (SE)-> diarrhea, nausea, pain


Several formulas treat conditions of inflammatory bowel Dz without any SE. Instead, they often bring comfort along with healing to the inflamed region.

Depression-> Rx: Zoloft-> Possible SE: depression, suicidal thoughts


Several formulas help alleviate depression without causing more depression. In addition to other therapy the patient is receiving, the herbal formula can aid in treating the root cause of the depression while also balancing the physiology and emotions causing the depressive symptoms.

This list could go on and on.



More benefits of Chinese Herbs:


Often prescribed based on a single symptom or disorder

Catered entirely to the patient’s individual health. Formulated to treat the patient’s whole health, not just the symptom or disorder.


Most cause many SE.

They do not cause side effects as they are formulated for the patient’s entire health. They do not work to treat just a symptom.


Many are Expensive


Synthetic and very few have as much historical use as Chinese Herbs

Natural and many have been used for 1000’s of yrs.

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Holistic Health Care Centers, LLC BBB Business Review

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