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Kim got me pregnant!

Kim is a highly educated, professional, caring and compassionate practitioner who connects with her patients at the highest level. Not to mention that the quality of care and service is EXCEPTIONAL!

I have been struggling with infertility for the last 2.5 years. I have been desperate to find a practitioner that could treat me holistically without the use of drugs and use alternative therapies for the mind, body and soul. I was drawn to HHCC exactly for the above. Kim at HHCC offers herbology and healing touch which was what I was seeking. After much research on my own, the use of herbs, healing touch in addition to acupuncture can increase the odds of a successful pregnancy.

Healing touch has brought me so much inner peace and well being during such a stressful and emotional time in my life.

I highly recommend Kim and the services that she provides at HHCC!!! I am due July 2014.


Lauren R.


Since Lauren wrote this review she birthed a healthy baby boy. Two years later she became pregnant again and birthed a beautiful baby girl. She is thrilled to have two wonderful healthy children!

Theresa, shown in the video and picture above, gave birth to a healthy lovely little girl in December 2016. 

I've been a patient of Kimberly's for a couple years. Initially I came seeking treatment for pain management and furthering my holistic perspective. During that journey I started seeking out many ways to incorporate holistic care into my family and my lifestyle. I sought out an incredible nutritional support system that is now used at Holistic Health Care Centers (HHCC).


I became a certified yoga instructor and now offer yoga at HHCC. 


During this process I felt the desire to have a second child. Attempts to become pregnant were met with many complications. I experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage and other challenges along the road. Through it all, I decided to seek fertility support at HHCC. 


It was all worth it! I'm so glad I kept my faith in the dream that was in my heart. I’m grateful that I stayed receiving fertility and pregnancy support at HHCC. Our beautiful daughter was born in March 2017. What a gift to welcome her into our family!

Sabine received fertility support from Holistic Health Care Centers. She give birth to her beautiful baby girl in May 2015

I moved to Lisle in 2012 after my husband and I got married. I'm a registered nurse in Chicago. I never really gave much thought on trying acupuncture, even though I strongly believe in the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine and alternative therapies. My husband and I really wanted to start planning a family, however, we have experienced certain challenges. After seeing a fertility specialist, I decided I wanted to also combine a more holistic approach. I did some research and came across Kimberlys clinic which was nearby. I had read success stories and I have friends who have gotten pregnant after receiving acupuncture so I figured I would give it a try. I have now been seeing Kimberly for a couple years and she has helped me tremendously. Through acupuncture and energy work, I have seen a significant decrease in my stress level and have also had, via ultrasound, a reduction in the size of an endometrioma that I have on one of my ovaries. My cycles have become more regular and my FSH levels have decreased. I am very hopeful that fertility treatments, along with the help of Kimberly, we will be successful in starting a family. 
~ Tia K.

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Holistic Health Care Centers, LLC BBB Business Review

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