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Treatment Options at Holistic Health Care Centers. Located Near the Border of Lisle and Naperville.

Holistic Health Care Centers in Lisle, IL is dedicated to offering patients individualized, holistic and integrated health care all in one location. We founded our health care in Four Cornerstones of Care.


We offer our patients highly educated and trained CIM Doctors and Practitioners. Our center offers many different forms of treatments allowing you to have all your holistic and integrated health care needs fulfilled in one location. Perfect for anyone with a busy schedule! Many conditions can be treated through only holistic and integrated healthcare which may include a combination of holistic and conventional medical care. A CIM Doctor and Practitioner uses complementary and integrative medicine as the form of medical treatment (learn more about CIM).


Our Services at a glance include:


We also offer community acupuncture and educational workshops. The schedule of these events is updated regularly on our website.


Meet Our CIM Doctors, Practitioners, and Office Manager: 


Each of our CIM Doctors and Practitioners understands patients are individuals with personal health care and life-style needs. At every appointment, you will receive a focused intake and detailed holistic diagnosis. Your treatment will incorporate holistic treatments that best support your health and well-being.  We are here to help support you with your health and well-being, not just treat a symptom, illness, or disorder.  Most conditions and wellness goals can be aided or treated through the holistic and integrative approach of Holistic Health Care Centers treatments. 

Virtual Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Colorpuncture, Massage, Cupping, and Pediatric Appointment Examples

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Holistic Health Care Centers is growing and getting busier. We are excited to add a Chiropractor to our amazing team of doctors and practitioners. We are looking for a part-time Chiropractic Physician. If you are interested, please email us at info@holistichealthcarecenters.com  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Ryley's Rainbow Volunteer Clinic: TBD 2022 from 2:30-5:30pm.

Contact (847) 571-5455 or info@holistichealthcarecenters.com to learn more.  

Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging Breast Scans through Illinois Thermography.


2022 Dates:

June 3             1-5pm

September 2   1-5pm

December 2    1-5pm


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Holistic Health Care Centers, LLC BBB Business Review

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