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Holistic Health Care Centers in Lisle, IL is dedicated to offering patients individualized, holistic and integrated health care all in one location. We founded our health care in Four Cornerstones of Care.


We offer our patients highly educated and trained CIM Doctors and Practitioners. Our center offers many different forms of treatments allowing you to have all your holistic and integrated health care needs fulfilled in one location. Perfect for anyone with a busy schedule!

A CIM Doctor and Practitioner use complementary and integrative medicine as the form of medical treatment (learn more about CIM).


Our Services at a glance include:


We also offer community acupuncture and educational workshops. The schedule of these events is updated regularly on our website.


Meet Our CIM Doctors, Practitioners, and Office Manager: 


Each of our CIM Doctors and Practitioners understands patients are individuals with personal health care and life-style needs. At every appointment, you will receive a focused intake and detailed holistic diagnosis. Your treatment will incorporate holistic treatments that best support your health and well-being.  We are here to help support you with your health and well-being, not just treat a symptom, illness, or disorder.  Most conditions and wellness goals can be aided or treated through the holistic and integrative approach of Holistic Health Care Centers treatments. 

Specialties Include:


Many conditions can be treated through only holistic healthcare treatments or through a combination of integrated care, including conventional medicine.


Our Treatment Options at a Glance:


For an in-depth description of these treatments and related research, please read below for the description, or click on select treatments for more information. 

Healing Touch

•Energetic Transformations

•Additional forms of Energy Medicine


Massage Therapy

Aromatherapy including essential oils used during massage, energy therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, and cupping 

Nutritional Suggestions

•Educational Workshops

•Community Acupuncture


Oriental Medicine including:

Acupuncture (click here to learn more):

Including full body and microsystems including auricular, scalp, Korean hand therapy, and more
•Laser acupressure

Tui na/ medical massage (click here to learn more)
Tai chi
Medical qi gong (click here to learn more)
Cupping (click here to learn more)
•Gua sha
Moxibustion (click here to learn more)
•Oriental Medicine Dietary recommendations


Brief Treatment Descriptions


Healing Touch and Energy Medicine: Subtle energy therapy helping balance the patient’s magnetic field and chakras.  Treatment is facilitated through hand movements and placement on or over the patient’s body. This treatment strongly connects mind, body, spirit and emotions.


Energetic Transformation: Energy therapy which helps energetically clear away patterns, behaviors, thought processes, connections, and other conscious or subconscious influences that are not of your highest good. This treatment strongly connects mind, body, spirit and emotions.


Massage Therapy: using varying degrees of pressure on specific regions of the body to release tension of the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.


Aromatherapy: The use and application of essential oils.


Acupuncture: The use of hair thin needles inserted into specific acupuncture points based on the patient’s Oriental Medicine diagnosis.


Herbalism: The use of Chinese medical herbs to help bring healing and balance to the patient.  The herbal formula is based on the patient’s Oriental Medicine diagnosis.


Acupressure: The application of varying degrees of pressure on specific acupressure points and meridians. The acupressure points are based on the patient’s Oriental Medicine diagnosis.


Colorpuncture: "Esogetic Colorpuncture is a state-of-the-art mind and body healing technology. It combines knowledge derived from Chinese medicine and other energetic healing systems, modern photon Biophysics and new biology, with insights from ancient esoteric healing philosophies, in order to create a new and unique system of informative/ energetic healing. The primary method of treatment involves the application of colored light frequencies to acu-points on the skin — hence the name 'Colorpuncture.'(colorpuncture.org)” 


Laser acupuncture: The use LED laser in a specific combination on acupuncture points and meridians.  The laser acupuncture is based on the patient’s Oriental Medicine diagnosis.


Tui na: Traditional Chinese Medical massage used to promote healing.  There are many different types of techniques used in tui na varying in soft touch and deep pressure.


Tai chi: A martial art using movement, breath, and meditation to help promote balance and well-being.


Medical qi gong: A Traditional Chinese Medical modality using movement, breath, and meditation to help promote balance and well-being. This treatment strongly connects mind, body, spirit and emotions.


Cupping: The use or either glass or plastic cups placed on the patient’s body.  Suction from the cups is created holding the cups in place on the patient’s body.  The cups are typically retained on the patient’s body for 5-10 minutes. Cupping helps promote many types of healing including promoting circulation, increasing the immune response, and reduction of pain.


Gua sha: The application of rubbing on a specified area on the patient’s body gently superficially breaking capillaries.  Gua sha helps promote many types of healing including promoting circulation and reduction of pain.


Moxabustion: Also referred to as “moxa” uses the warming of mug wart on specified acupuncture points or meridians.  Moxa has been shown to increase the immune system.  Moxa is used for a wide range of symptoms and disorders.


Oriental Medicine Dietary Recommendations: Dietary suggestions based on the patient’s oriental Medicine diagnosis.



Pediatric Treatments

Pediatric acupressure and tui na (a form of Oriental Medicine massage) in specific areas based on individualized diagnosis. 

Pediatric Acupressure
Microsystem Acupuncture (Auricular)
Herbal Formulas
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